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User Agreement - Projify

By registering as a user on Projify so you are deemed to agree and accept the following terms of use.

§ 1. Terms and Conditions

  • If we suspect that you provided false information when registering or settings. Your account may be deleted. The same applies if you have multiple accounts on the site.
  • It is illegal to upload copyrighted material that you do not own the rights to. Publishing of copyrighted materials, pornography or the promotion of drugs and is completely forbidden in Projify. You may not use Projify for illegal activities, or for the distribution of material that is illegal or that may be perceived as offensive, such as incitement, harassment, bullying, chain letters or infringement of copyrighted material. Then your user account, and any projects erased, and in some cases reported to the police. Linking to sites with illegal content are considered to be violations. Users who make such a linkage is directly responsible for this offense.
  • You may not use Projify as a distribution channel for spam, chain letters, or refer to Projify in such a context.
  • Any attempt to infringe Projify's systems are reported to the police.
  • You may not upload virus infected files.
  • You are responsible for the electronic content that you post to Projify.
  • It is not permitted to conduct sales via Projify.

§ 2. Rights

  • You have the right to use Projify in commercial and non-commercial companies and organizations.
  • You have limited rights to use Projify in its own extensive commercial purposes. Eg Extensive product sales to customers via your Projify projects, implementation of external examinations, spam, or advertising of any product / company or service. Upon such violation, we can claim for damages.

§ 3. Disclaimer

  • Projify is not legally responsible for inappropriate material will be published within a project. You own your own material, and it is your duty to ensure that copyrights are respected.
  • Projify owns no rights to the material that users upload to their groups and lacks any legal responsibility for this.
  • § 4. User Information and Privacy

    Redstone - SE969706-1993, is responsible for personal information.

    Kungsgatan 12
    65 224 Karlstad
    Contact us for questions about privacy and how we handle your information.
    We value your privacy. We always give priority to the protection of all the information you entrust to us and of course follows the laws and rules. We encrypt your password in our database and we also use encryption between Projify-servers and your browser. This ensures via SSL and the independent firm Verisign. Projify will never sell your private contact information, such as email addresses. However, Projify exceptionally share user information to partners to do interviews or surveys, which intends to improve the service. This actions will be very restrictive. It is important to us that users should feel secure with the use of Projify. In order to prevent illegal activity on Projify, your IP address will be logged.

    § 5. Changed terms

    Projify always have the right to update the general conditions of the site if it is needed to comply with the law and administrative decisions. We encourage users to regularly go into the user agreement to see if any changes occurred.